Truly Sad – Part 3

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Jane: You know, you never listen too me, we are done!

Jack: Oh hey i’m back, no don’t go




A Little Note:

I hope you liked my first story, I didn’t want to make it long because I am focusing on a story called ‘The Gifted’ and so far                  (21st December) It has 5 parts which all have 100+ words so i can’t wait for it to be published!

4 responses to “Truly Sad – Part 3”

  1. atlanta says:

    stupid computer I*

  2. atlanta says:

    why did you rush the ending 9i was excited to see what happens

  3. Mrs Dibben says:

    What no happy ending!
    I love the fact you decided to keep this tale truly sad. I really expected the ending to be the opposite of the title, silly me.

    • Oli S says:

      Haha,you should go check out my story the gifted which is currently based on 4 elemental powers: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and so far it has 6 parts with over 100 words!
      I’ll post some Christmas stories soon as well 🙂

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