The Gifted – Part 1

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It is a regular day in the state of Texas when 4 men, who call them self’s the Cowboys, rob a rank and when they get caught, they realise they hold extraordinary powers…

“Are yarl guys ready for mayhem?!” YEEEE HAAAA!” The Cowboys are prepared for the biggest heist of all, a 20 million pound bank robbery! “Lets go!” The Cowboys walk into the bank in a formal fashion and act like they are looking for something as a distraction while the Ultimate Cowboy (Oliver Scott) pickpockets one of the guards taking his key card. He then goes to a dark corner, turns on his radio and whispers “Phase one complete.” From then, one of the higher ranked cowboys strangles one of the guard taking his clothes, money and equipment. Then he turns on his radio and whispers “Phase two complete.” Suddenly, the rest of the cowboys take out revolvers and start shooting at the ceiling whilst the Ultimate Cowboy opens the vault door and stares in amazement until the alarm goes of…

2 responses to “The Gifted – Part 1”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Ooh, exciting. I will enjoy reading parts 2-6 before commenting again.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Wow Oli, this is so exciting – I haven’t got time to comment because I can see there is a part 2 ready to read!
    Mrs Addleton

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