The mystery man in a cloak!!!

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is he actuly a man in a cloak  or a real monster

does he  like living in the woods

why does he live in the woods

has he been good or bad

is he just a man dressed up in a cloak

has he got a mask




6 responses to “The mystery man in a cloak!!!”

  1. Grace S says:

    good one

  2. Emily says:

    I love the way you make people think about it. Great piece of work. Maybe you could check out our website:
    Written in stone primary blogger

  3. Kate Wilson says:

    Gosh. I like the way you got me to think using your questions. The way you’ve written it; it could be seen as a poem I think. We’ll done

  4. Mrs Dibben says:

    Very intriguing Peyton. I love the use of questions.

  5. Mrs Addleton says:

    WOW Peyton,
    I can tell that you really looked at the picture and thought hard about what or who this was. Although you didnt make up a story about the figure, you asked questions which made me use my own imagination to create my own story. I like the question “is he actually a man in a cloak or a real monster?” Most of the other bloggers assumed this was an evil character but you question this; he could in fact be a peaceful monk couldn’t he?
    Remembering to use capital letters to start your sentences and question marks at the end of questions would really improve your blog next time. I’m looking forward to seeing more blogs from you.
    Mrs Addleton
    1 house point

  6. Zuhal Omar says:

    Greetings Peyton from the USA. I really enjoyed your story about the Mystery Man. I believe the use of punctuation marks would have added to the impact of your tale. However, it was still a gripping recollection that fired the imagination of the reader. Well done!

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