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the naughty gorilla

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bricks running gorilla yellow pretty

a gorilla was running into a pretty yellow house with amber bricks. The gorilla did not like the colour yellow so he smashed down the pretty yellow house  so he didn’t have to see it. then he went back to the big zoo to his home and ate a yellow brick and cracked a tooth! then he wet to the dentist and the dentist ripped out the tooth! The gorilla went crazy and tried to put the yellow tooth back in his mouth but it did not work, so he ran back to the zoo and ate some yummy ,yellow bananas to calm him down. The gorilla smashed his house down and escaped from the wonderful zoo and ran around. he smashed down a house that had just been made and ran into the woods and tried to ask a person to write down the things he liked they were :bananas,other gorillas,dogs ,food ,drinks,cats,mice,rabbits,guinea pigs ,pigs,chickens and eggs and that was it he hated the dentist. he planned of going to the zoo to have more bananas and see his mum,dad,sisters,brothers,uncle,granddad,grandma,auntie,cousins,baby brother,and sister.

naughty chimps!!!!!!!!!!

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why is the chimp so naughty?

Does he know why he is doing that?

Does he know that there is glass on the computer screen?

is he  going to get any toys for Christmas?

Is he enjoying that?

Is he  on the naughty list?

is he angry or is he just playing?

is it a girl or a boy?

is he hungry?

The mystery man in a cloak!!!

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is he actuly a man in a cloak  or a real monster

does he  like living in the woods

why does he live in the woods

has he been good or bad

is he just a man dressed up in a cloak

has he got a mask