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Hello and welcome to my blog I will tell you all about plastic and its harming our planet

Some animals eat the plastic but if you see plastic on the floor pick it up instead of throwing it on the floor the floor isn’t the bin is it.And don’t even throw it in the ocean it is killing our ocean animals,like whales,fish,turtles,and we need more bird house so we can have lots of birds flying around.But some people our cutting trees down don’t do that because what if owls birds and some other things might be living in that tree.

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  1. Daren Leftwich says:

    Good advice Evan, keep on spreading the word about not polluting with plastics. We can all do our bit and the more people you tell the greater the positive impact you’ll have.
    Mr Leftwich

  2. Zac Coke says:

    i love how your 100 word challenge is about animal’s safety of animals

  3. EMILY J says:


  4. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Evan,
    You have certainly done some research on the problems associated with plastic pollution – well done. I think breaking this up into more sentences or using some conjunctions would help it flow a bit better, for example using the word ‘because’ after ocean and a full stop after turtles. You also mention the negative impacts of deforestation which was one of the issues that politicians from around the world discussed at COP26 recently. I wonder if there are any other environmental issues you think are important?
    Great work Evan,
    5 raffle tickets,
    Mrs Addleton

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