Lost memories part 4- the end and the epilogue

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It was after the fight and Olly had just realised what he’d done.

“I’m sorry, brother. I had no choice..” Olivia sniffed.

“No, no. Don’t apologise-I should. That hammer attack was divine; you put everything in it-enough power to awaken me from that dark dream. Please, Olivia. I have one request before I leave, though. Please fold my paper into the very last crane.” Olly sighed, letting his paper unfold and he laid there, one sheet of purple paper.

Brother!!” Olivia sobbed.

Luigi and the Origami Craftsman burst through the window. “Why are all these cranes here? Is one of you doing the forbidden 1000 cranes technique?” The craftsman exclaimed in shock.

So Olivia got taught how to fold a crane and folded Olly’s body into a crane and did it. She wished for all the origami folded by Olly to be unfolded-and that meant her. But the origami diorama of the origami castle, folded by the origami craftsman but the big one was folded by Olly, was displayed on the night of the Origami Festival and that continued.



“Are you sure this will work?” Freshly folded (by the craftsman) Olly had asked freshly folded (also by the craftsman this time) Olivia as they snuck through Toad Town to surprise Princess Peach and Mario in the castle.

“100% sure, my dear brother.” Olivia had said and she was right, it went wonderfully.

End of epilogue!

I know that suspense is building for who Olly and Olivia were talking about but that’s a story for another blog-literally.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Well done Izzy, I loved this series and I will wait in suspense for the next blog!

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