Bernando Bear (Cherry Berry bear)

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My new puppets name is Bernando and he arrived today. His nickname is Cherry Berry. Or just Berry.


As you saw that is Bernando. He only writes in capital letters and will NOT use word contractions. He looks a bit like Fozzie bear from the muppets. Actually not real- I TAKE THAT AS AN INSULT! I-i don’t mean it as an insult,  Berry! Berry?! Okay, he is refusing to talk now. I am going to apologise then I will be back..

OK FINE,I AM SORRY. Me too, Berry. CAN I GIVE YOU A NICKNAME? Ok. HOW ABOUT.. DARCI? Darci?! That has nothing to do with my original name. I KNOW BUT I LIKE IT! It’s a bit quirky, but fine. Call me Darci if it pleases you.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Oh he’s cheeky! I love the fact he only talks in capital letters. Let’s hope he gets on with the other puppets.
    Mrs Addleton

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