You decide..

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You are trapped in a forest, with no source  of water, no source of food. There is a bear behind a tree about 10ft away from you, and  an eagle screeching in the dusk sky, staring at you; wanting to grab you by its long claws an drag you away.. You stay still, pondering your options on how to get out in your head.  Do you:

. Try and escape by foot? The pathway seems a bit sketchy, but it’s worth a try..

. Try and call for help? The chances are low that another human being is in this remote area, unless another creature saves you….


.See if you can escape yourself? There might just be something slightly useful in the bag that is hung over your shoulders droopily..

Tell me what you think! Or shall I just write an ending for all of them? 

One response to “You decide..”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi Izzy,
    Sorry for the delay in publishing – I had to go back to school today!
    I am definitely plumping for the intriguing bag slung over my shoulder!
    Mrs Addleton

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