One (short) day in the Emerald City

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Elphaba’s POV

I can’t wait! Today me and Glinda are going to meet the wizard of Oz in the Emerald City!! I think Glinda’s gone loopy!  She’s been up since 5:30am!!! I only got up 30 minutes ago! (It’s currently 8:30) Apparently Glinda needs to look perfect for the trip to Emerald city. I..I’m just being usual..I hope.

Glinda’s POV

I…I can’t believe Elphie’s taking ME to the Emerald city! To see the wizard! She’s worked her socks-well, broom?- off for this opportunity. She’s gone crazy! Even Fiyero’s proud of her! He’s supposed to be proud of me! Anyway, I am not going crazy. I repeat, not going crazy!! Shiz university is NOT about going crazy! It’s about..leaning! And that’s something I’m bad at. Elphie’s so good at it though! How is beyond me! I’ll ask her now.. I’m back and Elphie has no idea why I was asking her that question.. Any ways, I’m going to get ready now.

 Elphaba’s POV

We arrive at the city and these Ozians come and sing to us..

Ok I won’t write the song. It may be copyrighting so I won’t write it.

“THE WIZARD WILL SEE YOU KNOW!” an Ozian shreiked in our faces. Glinda and I walk into this dark room and a robotic head of the wizard stands before us.

“Who goes there?” It boomed. “I’m Elphaba Thropp; I was sent here from Shiz.” I calmly said. Green lights flash luminously and then normal lights turn on. “Ah, miss Elphaba. A student of Morrible’s Magic  studies, I’m guessing? Please take a seat.” The wizard greeted me.     I seated myself opposite from him. “So, Elphaba, the reason I invited you here today…”

Our conversation was long and complicated so I won’t write it all.

Glinda’s POV

After their conversation (well I’ve never seen wicked in real life so I don’t know so bear with me on this one) we head out and Elphie seemed calm and collected. That was Elphie and I’s “One Short day”.


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