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wen I went to London i had ice cream with a chocolate butenn   and I got a toy whith slime in it and a spider and my cusen and my sister well not her because she dosen like slime neether my cusen then we went to the sicenc muoosirm and it was rilly good and then we went to hav some lunch but there were pinchens so we fed them som bird food nad they loved it and I had a pizza whith a coler pad so I dont get bored but my food came so i ate it then i had Ice creem with mint and chololait.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    It was wonderful to find out all about your trip to London. I bet you had a great time at the science museum. Make sure you break your next blog into sentences and maybe even paragraphs. Check your spelling of common words such as ‘when’ and ‘have’. I wonder if you have any more exciting trips planned?
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    Mrs Addleton

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