It was heavier than I expected…

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Once there was a man who was a just a regular policeman, he wanted to be the strongest man in the world. The man was called Maximus (Max), he had a job which was a policeman . To be a cop you need to be well built but Max wasn’t. He was really skinny not really but he was still skinny. He wanted to be like the chief but he was the biggest out of the lot. His nickname is called shrimpy because he’s scrawny. But one day he thought to himself and said.

” I’m going to workout so then I won’t be called shrimpy. ” He felt so confident in himself… The next day, he went to the gym and got a whole year gym class. So he got in the gym and grabbed the weight and said ” Wow this weight, it was heavier than I expected.” Then Max went to the gym every other day and then it just continued to be his thing.
I know that it might sound very weird but that is the story and byee.


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