bike mistake

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One day I was riding my bike in the woods and I crashed in a tree and it got stuck in the tree it was my new one. I new I was in trouble I was to scared to tell my dad and mum. I was sad it was my onley one I cried fore 10000000 min. I was sad I hope I get one for Christmas I cant wait to get lots of gifs from santa im so so exited. 24 days until Christmas and trees get put up and we sing songs to think of god merry Christmas evry one.

2 responses to “bike mistake”

  1. Ashton Hall says:

    you got a spelling wrong I think it was gifts you mist the t out but it was very good brad

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Bradley, your blogs are always optimistic and hopeful Bradley, even when something terrible happens like crashing your favourite bike. Just watch out for some spellings: knew, only, excited and for. I hope Santa reads your blogs so that you get what you wish for. Happy Xmas singing!
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    Mrs Addleton

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