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bike mistake

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One day I was riding my bike in the woods and I crashed in a tree and it got stuck in the tree it was my new one. I new I was in trouble I was to scared to tell my dad and mum. I was sad it was my onley one I cried fore 10000000 min. I was sad I hope I get one for Christmas I cant wait to get lots of gifs from santa im so so exited. 24 days until Christmas and trees get put up and we sing songs to think of god merry Christmas evry one.

hi ninja bro

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At night one ninja comes and saves us from the Dragon s at 3 00am. I get really really frightens. Me at Sun rise the Dragon s go somewhere we don’t know where they go. I wish I could be a ninja when I grow up if I’m not I will be a parkor man and gow to the new florist and sturdy nature. Because I like quite places and like birds playing with each other I hope people are reading this if not read it because it will be a good adventure we will.explore Dragon s and ninjas to be continued thanks for reading.

killer clown!!!!!!!

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Long ago, I walked up to a creepy house.  It had a smashed window it and it felt like someone was watching me! There was a door.I wondered what was behind the door! I opened the door.  It was a killer clown and it came after me! finally I lost him my heart was beating. I went  back to the door and it was covered with blood this moment I was freaked out and then I got jumped scared I was even scared. my heart was beating my mum didn’t know because I told here I was at my friends house the end.