The magic drainpipe

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once outside a house something weird happened things were coming out not like that spider. like unicorns butterfly’s elephant and tiger’s . Loads of people were investigating and still no one has found out but only one girl knows and not anyone else.i saw this when I was with my five year old uncle . He spotted it. It was kind of like they could hear us but every time we talk to them there’s nothing there. Another day after school Jonathan (my uncle) and I went past the house and met a tiger who spoke and said” this drain pipe is magic all animals can come out “. Johnathan thought cool can I have a pet monkey. Yet again it heard him so unfortunately he kept it forever . I won’t tell any one because this world could become a joungle . It was nearly night so we went to bed and Jonathan kept saying it came down the drainpipe. The next day we gave all of them a spaceship and went to the moon and had a sandwich.They now live in the moon in a new drainpipe. THE QUESTION IS WILL THEY COME BACK…….



this his is done  by johnathan and me eva.

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