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The magic drainpipe

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once outside a house something weird happened things were coming out not like that spider. like unicorns butterfly’s elephant and tiger’s . Loads of people were investigating and still no one has found out but only one girl knows and not anyone else.i saw this when I was with my five year old uncle . He spotted it. It was kind of like they could hear us but every time we talk to them there’s nothing there. Another day after school Jonathan (my uncle) and I went past the house and met a tiger who spoke and said” this drain pipe is magic all animals can come out “. Johnathan thought cool can I have a pet monkey. Yet again it heard him so unfortunately he kept it forever . I won’t tell any one because this world could become a joungle . It was nearly night so we went to bed and Jonathan kept saying it came down the drainpipe. The next day we gave all of them a spaceship and went to the moon and had a sandwich.They now live in the moon in a new drainpipe. THE QUESTION IS WILL THEY COME BACK…….



this his is done  by johnathan and me eva.

hand invasion!!!!!!!!!!!

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This hand was found out side a shop. This hands been there for a while and now called Nick. Everyone thought this hand wasn’t just there for fun he was on sale for 34000,000,000,00$.Now this town is not safe screaming around every corner there shouting the hand is no any hand he makes the worst disasters

No one lives there theyve all got a fear now one is back yet he dosnt want to apologise he wouldn’t want to any way there moving back one by one but not all back scream shout he is not about . Where is the hand?