the red tiger

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Once a upon  a time lived a red tiger how had a really big family but he was the only red hair all started back in the days before I was even born when my dad was a fitter and he got shoot by a human then I was born but then I had a really bad bug that made  my hair red.

After I was born every think was not normal no one was talk to me and I hade no friends then some one now come in to town she cycled around my street and sore me by my self and she asked me if me and her would look at her dads clock.

I am so happy that I have a friend and I hope I see her to morrow.

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  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    How original to become a red tiger. Such a shame nobody appreciated the unique animal leaving him feeling like the ugly duckling.
    I am so pleased he eventually found a friend.
    You might like to look at the length of some of your sentences.

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