My unusual walk to school NUMBER 4

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So this is my Blogs about my walks to school. you’ve seen my all my walk to school blogs . If you haven’t read now .  there are so amazing please comment . I love to do my blogs . Ok let’s start. SO I was just walking to school and a saw a snake and he could talk. her name was Gabby and her friend was a cat called Eva. Then I saw Miss Addleton she cycled to school on a lovely bike.   Before , that there was a random clock ON THE ROAD. Then, I got into school and Mrs Hall took my home work star and I went out for English.

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  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Morning Grace, I am pleased you like blogging and have read all your blogs. Somehow I expected a more eventful walk to school.
    I really enjoyed reading your early blogs and look forward to reading your next blog

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