The boy with brains!

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Once there was a boy called Alex. He was the smartest child in school and yet every one bullied him just because of him being the smartest person. The prove is that he is the only one that is in the highest group in maths and there is only two maths groups. He knew every thing and every one knew that. Although surprisingly he didn’t use his smartness for his favourite subject as his favourite subject was art. The boy read so many books that he never did any thing fun. All he did in his free time is read books over and over again.


2 responses to “The boy with brains!”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Hello James,
    This sounds like the start of an interesting tale. You say he never does anything ‘fun’,
    Personally I love reading books and consider it great fun, perhaps Alex does too.

  2. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hi James,
    This sounds like the start of an intriguing tale about this brainbox boy. I wasn’t sure I could see any connection or inspiration from the 100wc photo of the stone family so haven’t posted it to the 100wc website. Make sure you don’t switch tenses; I think you go from past to present and back to past which can be a little disorientating for your audience. I hope Alex has a good friend he can enjoy all his books with.
    2 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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