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The sink and the drain pipe!

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“Do we have to move house?” I asked. Although my mum nether listens to me so there was really no point.

Everyone thought that it was a amazing house and definitely not haunted but I knew something that everyone didn’t know. I knew that it was though… No one ever believes me though. So their is really no point. “where is my room?” I questioned my mum. She replied ” Your bedroom is in the attic.” I started to sulk until my mum said that it is amazing in there and it also has your very own sink.

The boy with brains!

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Once there was a boy called Alex. He was the smartest child in school and yet every one bullied him just because of him being the smartest person. The prove is that he is the only one that is in the highest group in maths and there is only two maths groups. He knew every thing and every one knew that. Although surprisingly he didn’t use his smartness for his favourite subject as his favourite subject was art. The boy read so many books that he never did any thing fun. All he did in his free time is read books over and over again.



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Cycle! Cycle! Cycle! Cycle! Cycle! The boy cycled every day. He even spent 10 hours riding. Until one day he fell of his scooter in shock from a red snake. It was the same colour as his bike. Which was red. He then suddenly rushed home to see the time on the clock. He thought to himself, what just happened? It was a crazy day. The next day I heard a knock at the door. It was the snake I sore yesterday. and it was back to kill me. My mum didn’t know were I had gone and questioned everything.

The hand of terror!

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The hand of terror. It does not sound very scary but actually it is. It finds you whilst you sleep and when you wake up it goes into a fist and knocks you out. After that, it will drag you to its secret lab and cook you for its dinner. But if you escape then it will find you were ever you hide and eat you there and then. But there is a problem for the hand of terror. It will run and hide from you when you have fire. So make this a tip, the hand of terror is afraid of fire.

Worlds best pancakes!

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In my opinion, the worlds best pancakes are made by one of my family member’s, my brother, Terrance. I have never said a complement like this to him before and I think it is time to do so. This may sound ridicules but out of my brother’s pancakes and the Tesco’s pancakes, I think I prefer my brother’s. (P.S.  All this is true.) They taste so amazing that I had two when I got home from school one day and two for my breakfast. I guess it is safe to say that these are the Worlds Best Pancakes! The End!

Panda boy!

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There was once a boy named Joel. Although his nick-name was Panda Boy as his favourite animal was Pandas. In fact the loves Pandas so much that he makes me to write Panda or Pandas with a capital at the beginning. Amazingly, he even has around fifty different Panda book marks but only uses one at a time. How ridicules does that sound! But that is not the end of his love for Pandas, he also has adopted a Panda and what’s to be a vet when he is older so he can save Pandas life’s. How cool is that!

The tigers from outer-space!

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In the beginning…

“Later on today we experienced a crash land from outer-space. After that we had an attack from tigers. But they have gone into hiding and will not show.”

“Have you seen the news yet, Bob.” “No, why.” “Apparently there has been an attack of tigers and they have court one.” “AH!” “What.” “A TIGER!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!” *Chomp Chomp*

Author’s comment:

Hi. I hope you liked my blog. I couldn’t think of anything to write so I wrote this to reach 100 words. this is my 1st ever blog so I hope you like it. Thank you for reading. 🙂