hand invasion!!!!!!!!!!!

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This hand was found out side a shop. This hands been there for a while and now called Nick. Everyone thought this hand wasn’t just there for fun he was on sale for 34000,000,000,00$.Now this town is not safe screaming around every corner there shouting the hand is no any hand he makes the worst disasters

No one lives there theyve all got a fear now one is back yet he dosnt want to apologise he wouldn’t want to any way there moving back one by one but not all back scream shout he is not about . Where is the hand?

2 responses to “hand invasion!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Mrs Dibben says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Eva,

    This is a very intriguing tale, I like the idea of the hand being found outside a shop and your choice on the name, ‘Nick’. It makes your hand sound harmless yet he has scared away the townspeople.
    Your ending makes me wonder has the hand moved after the townspeople to frighten them or onto another town.

    I hope you continue writing blogs.

  2. Grace S says:

    Well done Eva . Your first one is amazing . I hope it will be good as this one from grace(sister)

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