The Gifted – Part 6

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy furiously starts a fight causing verbal and physical damage but when the other Cowboy takes it too far, The Ultimate Cowboy releases his power. Is he some sort of Earth type… Find out today!

“OMG, I have true power!” Yells The Ultimate Cowboy as if he ruled the world. Suddenly one of the higher ranked Cowboys walks out of a dark corner and speeches “I didn’t know when to tell you but i think now is the best time… You’re not the only one with powers here captain.” “Yea right, yarl just wanna sound call like meh!”         “No really, focus and throw a rock at me.” The Ultimate Cowboy does exactly that and it is remarkable what happens…

2 responses to “The Gifted – Part 6”

  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Loving the cowboy talk Oli. The effective use of punctuation is really making this an easy read. I’m getting straight onto part 7.
    Mrs Addleton

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