The mystery

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There was a kind little boy who barely know the way round his own house because of short time memory loss. Until one day he discovered this room, with one big pull of the door he slipped and fell on the floor because it was locked, he wondered of into the basement without noticing. he stared at this wooden draw, he was curious what was in it so he slowly opened the draw and there was a bundle of keys, he picked up the one what stood out most, he opened the door and there was a golden treasure chest.

3 responses to “The mystery”

  1. Mrs Taylor says:

    Well done Josh A great blog. I wonder what was in the chest??

  2. Mrs Skinner says:

    Goodness, Josh! I need to know where the treasure came from, could it be sold and who else knew about it.
    I know Mrs Addleton is super excited about your blogging. Do keep it up!

  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    My goodness Josh you have gone over and above with your blogging this week. Is this your third blog – you are on fire!

    Its nice to see that you have taken inspiration from Rocco (from New Zealand) whose blog we read at playtime. Perhaps you could find him on the list of entries via and leave a comment for him?

    The way you described the boy discovering and opening the draw was very effective. Don’t forget that new sentences must start with a capital letter! I wonder if any of the keys fit the golden treasure chest and if so, what was inside?

    It’s lovely to see you so enthusiastic to share your imagination – keep it up!
    Mrs Addelton

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