week 5 wc

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There was a tall man who was made of iron he was probably taller than your house. After a long day of being looked at he decided to have a look up at space. He could see millions of twinkling stars all spread across the midnight sky. He couldn’t wait to tell his cousin the iron man .He was the opposite to him because the iron man was chubbier and he was skinnier. As he keeped on looking up at the midnight blue sky he looked closer and closer and then the stars formed a beautiful pitcher of him and his cousin.

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Bethan, huge congratulations on publishing your first blog and I’m so impressed that you did this at home.

    Your blog is very imaginative and I particularly love the way you linked your blog with the Iron Man that we are studying in class. Check your spelling of the words ‘picture’ and ‘looked’ for next time. You used some great adjectives which help paint a beautiful picture of the sky – I’ll keep my telescope on the heavens for the Iron Man constellation!

    3 house points

    Mrs Addleton

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