discovered bike

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we seemed to be on the television


I was  really mad that i mad when i fell of  my bike 2 years ago so i through my  bike in the forest but what i didn’t know is that a tree was going to grow were i through my bike when people discovered my   bike  they told television people about it and they all asked me to go on there show so i went i actuary seems to be on television because i went on there show i got paid money (100 pound)  and my mum got mad at  me because she didn’t know where i am  when i told here i was on television she went crazy mad at me  and i was grounded for a month she was quite mean to mean and i hated every second of being grounded.”



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  1. Lewis M says:

    your blog is fantastic cant wait to see the next blog of yours .

  2. Hi Kade

    I really thought that your story was cool because you put both of this week’s and last week’s ideas together. The only thing at this stage to work on would be for you to put some full stops in your sentences as i had to re read it.

    From Rowan, Melbourne, Australia


  3. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Kade,
    I like the way you have tried to combine the prompt for last week and this week – it was a great idea to get on the TV because your bike had grown into the tree. Next time we have a bit of a sentence for a prompt though, remember that you have to use it exactly as it is given; in this case ‘we seemed to be on the television’. I got a bit out of breath reading your blog because there were no full stops or sentences! Hope to see you in next weeks golden time.
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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