Mr Mack’s library ( part 4)

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“scratch finding Abby, I’m gonna try the silver key!” Atlanta said to herself .Abby was at the bullet proof case waiting for Atlanta to get there .As they tried opening the glass box, Abby mentioned ” I have another silver key if you want it. Apparently there’s only 2 silver keys and one of them openes the box, so there you go!” Abby handed Atlanta the key and tried to open it and…”IT WORKED !!!!!!!!YAY!” Atlanta and Abby screamed excitedly .

“well done young ones ,I will see you shortly,” a hologram of Mr Mack said.

The end … or was it .

Author’s note:

sorry I rushed the ending, I’m working on a new story called: the streets of Southampton! I hope you enjoyed Mr Mack’s library though:)

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Atlanta,
    There has been a frenzy of blogs! I’ve just put the kettle on & thought I’d read the last instalment of Mr Mack whist waiting. Firstly, I’m so relieved Abby wasn’t dangerous. I like the way you have left Mr Mack as an obscure character that we are still wary of. Did they get the job?
    Mrs Addleton

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