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100 word challenge

Eggbert available at Tesco

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It was time for Assembly and every class in the Junior school sat down and then Mrs Taylor introduced EGGBERT!! Eggbert is a clumsy but washable egg.But guess what Mrs Taylor dropped Eggbert and he smashed to pieces!

The End


It was completely out of tune.

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There was a 3 year-old boy named Timmy and he owned a blue ukulele and it was completely out of tune he tried to do it by himself and he couldn’t do it. He asked his dad if he could do it but his dad couldn’t be bothered to tune it. Then he asked his mum and  she couldn’t do. So Timmy asked his parents if they could go to a ukulele shop to tune and they said yes. The next day they went to the nearest ukulele shop to tune the ukulele. Then they got home from the ukulele shop and then all of the family didn’t get harassed by Timmy.

So I hope you enjoyed story time with                             Poppie.

See you next time on story time with Poppie and byeeeeeeee


Deadly trap run!!! Part2!!!

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After I was tried I got a letter from Egypt. As I read in the scrunched up paper it said “Terble things are happingEgypt is being torn apart by mythic creatsures “… now all this make spence bewere magical things will happen if this box is opened…. So that’s egzacly what he did

His mum was whashed some eggs had black fringes that are flickering  in the sun light. So that night he snuck out and on a plane to Egypt. The next day he felt fly sick and picked out the windo when he got there he still felt sick and afraid then fownd the sows in the stone and fought the first beast.

to be continued…😱😭doing a 💩


My hurendous hair cut !

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It happened on Valentine’s Day . I was going for a hair cut at a new hair shop down the street . I walked in and did my hair in under 10 minutes ! I was so impressed I didn’t even look what they had done ! I thought I should look so when I got home I checked in the mirror and my fringe had gone . So I got so mad I threw eggs at the light . The light had stopped working and the whole room turned dark. I had to wash my hair ready for my date. When I went on the date my boyfriend kept staring at me and the lights kept flickering.

The Haircut!

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I woke up this morning , I needed a hair cut ! So i got up ,got dressed and jumped in the car and i drove to the hair dressers .I sat in the chair and waited for them to be finished but then i relised that i had eggs on my t-shirt! They were done finally and they had done my fringe wrong!

I went home and washed my black t-Shirt then the lights started flickering i didn’t take much notice untill everyting went BLACK…

I was terrified and i didn’t know what to do ,I curled up on the sofa…

The Eggbert new and inclusive available at Tesco x

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Mrs Taylor threw an assembly and introduced the one and only Eggbert the great! PS he represents your brain xxxxxxxxx

The weird thing was that Mrs Taylor smashed him …………………………………………………………………… i was upset because my brain is washed up and drowned been crushed.WA WA WA! I actually did not feel bad for him to be fair at least I actually dont like raw eggs so who cares I dont think anyone does as someone will eat him soon!!!!!!!!!!!! I thankfully washed him for no reason at all ( jokes!) I couldnt care less! Ha Ha Ha im so funny! yas yas yas

fringe, eggs, black, washed and flickering

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One day there lived a girl who loved wearing black fringe jumpers and she was kept in a tower because she was naughty girl when she was a toddler. And now she is a good girl trying to behave a lot better when she was a toddler and tries to get out of the horrible tower. Guess who locked her up in this ghastly mess a person who hates her ( Mildred Hufflepuff ) her mother which punished her for eternity. And her mother doesn’t give her any food except bread and water with some butter in. In the bread roll she gets eggs in as well, poor thing. And she gets washed in dirty bath water every day. Don’t you feel sorry for her. And her night light is a candle that flickers all night then she blows it out in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed story time with……………………………………..Poppie. And see you next time on story time with Poppie. see ya later!

MOAR random words!!!

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*sigh*, “Why are you doing this AGAIN!?”, you may be questioning, since I’ve done this three times now. Well, I should’ve brought this up sooner or later… I have no life and I’m not even doing this for entertainment, just for the money. Even my clothes are dirty as anything, just like like my soul. They haven’t been washed in DECADES. Oh, and may I point out that eggs will take over next year. Wait a sec, my screen is black and flickering with random colours! God, I’m on the fringe of throwing this darn technology out the fricking windows.

Week 19 100wc

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Hello Bloggers,

This weeks prompt is 5 words:


Remember, you can use them in any order but they must all be included!

Mrs Addleton

the missing chocolate cake

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one day it was a little girls birthday who was opening her cards and presents she loved her massive beanbag.She loved  her little bed tent.She couldn’t wait until she got to see her birthday cake but a sudden fear came across her,her cake could of magically grown legs  so she went to see if  the cake was gone…BUT SHE LOOKED EVERY WHERE AND HER CAKE WAS she went to the shops to look for the cake then she sadly walked home and cried until her mum called ”dinner” and she ran down the stairs and ate chicken chow-mane and enjoyed her day which was probably the joint best day of her life (joint best because of Christmas) and when she finished she teleported  and everyone said ”but how could she just disappear?