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100 word challenge

…But it is the wrong colour…

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There was a mum wanting Lillie’s earring  was the wrong colour. The original colour was pink but the mum kept on having a hissy- fit just because it wasn’t purple. sometimes her mum can be a huge perfectionist. Like the time when Lillie’s dad had the wrong coloured socks. Her mum wanted them black instead of having white socks for work. This is the annoying thing about Lillie’s mum, she keeps on saying ” I’m changing the colour of your walls, it’s bugging me to pieces.” The next guess what she said to her mum, she said that she needs to stop being a perfectionist I don’t like it, I want you to be a normal mum, not a perfectionist mum.

That’s it for story time with                                                       Poppie

and byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Can’t People Listen?

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  1. I had a dream last night.

It was about my future when i was a fashion designer. I ordered a bunch of violet and lime, silky dresses. The next day I got the box of dresses… inside was not what I ordered. “Why are these dresses blue and yellow?!”

“Uh… I don’t know miss,” the deliverer replied. I was so furious it had to be violet and lime! I had two, wealthy VIP guests to go to an important show, and the dresses were not RIGHT! I luckily re-ordered them and had to spend more money for 1-hour delivery!


Can’t people listen? Part 2.

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The dresses arrived. The colours were correct for once, so I put them in the section ‘already sold’. Then I realised I needed to make the black ribbon bow to go with it. I searched threw my ribbon draw, but I couldn’t find any of my black ribbons. I quickly ran through the door. I went to my local store ‘fabrics, threads and ribbons’. I looked around the ribbons section but I could only find red ribbon. I thought in my head “It’s the wrong colour!” I headed to the clerk and ordered thick, long, ribbon. Luckily, I got it.

I don’t want that colour mum!

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Today,we went to the paint store and bought the paint for my room,

I wanted purple as the colour so i asked my mum and dad to get me purple paint for my room.They said no,i can’t have it I can have beige because they want it to match with everything and to look more posh.I also asked for a carpet n my room I wanted it blue and guess what?They said no i can’t have grey and i said but mum that’s the wrong colour I don’t want that colour!I want blue and purple as my room not grey!

The Demanding Birthday Girl!

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I had an old friend, who wanted everything to go her way.

So last month it was her birthday, and she kept talking about wanting a purple care bear ….. So we thought it would be best to buy one straight away.

Me and my bestie went to Toys R Us. Umm .. so basically there were care bears but they just did not have a purple one…. So we bought the lightest colour and some purple paint it purple.

The paint didn’t work on the bear so we arrived at the party with the yellow bear, but she said, “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING, IT’S THE WRONG COLOUR!”
So our other sort friend came and gave the demanding girl a red bear, and guess what she said? “IT’S SOOOO PERFECT LIKE OH MY DAYS, YOUR THE BESTEST BFF EVER!!” We were so annoyed.

Week 27 100wc

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The prompt is:

…but it is the wrong colour!…

Things to consider:

  • What is ‘IT’?
  • What colour should it be?
  • Does it matter what colour it is?

I am so cross…

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Today,I was in the park with my friends, when some one came and told me that they had been going behind my back and talking to them.I am so cross,they would never do that. I’m furious.I’m scared of what could happen in the future.And what my life will be like, a lie?A  life any one had never heard of ?I don’t know,what is my life?

The next day,I had told my teacher my troubles and worries.

I don’t care what people think of me I can get people to like me,my own way;don’t mind me I’m just being me,people.

Saint Patricks Day Luck!

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Last week it was Saint Patricks Day. I was so cross that I had to go school because I normally celebrate with my family at home but, little did I know that party cost me my life. (Almost.)

Here is how it happened! I was walking to school like normal when I came across a strange road I had never seen before. I was stupid and mindless that I did not look before I crossed the road so I got ran over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was apparently rushed to hospital and luckily survived with only a broken leg.

Thanks Saint Patricks Day!!!

hermione and ron weasley kill dobby

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one day Neville told harry that the fat lady had been  kidnapped but how did she just disappear said Neville but the fat lady whould just scream. the next day was terrible because I got sad of Sirius black so I kept on giving him flowers because Bellatrix lestrange killed him AKA murded him. the next day snape teached us how to do a magic duel I did it against ron I WON harry did it against Malfoy harry won. hi ron percy told us that hermione kicked  yo butt.  the next day was sad because  gilderoy lockhart  took me to detention because  I was backfired people and I backfired professor mgonaggall. how on earth did you do that said Ronald. now dolores Umbridge sacked Dumbledore to azcaban.  did the killing curse on dobby the house elf  whos been free but I don’t care said hermione.


Don’t look around the corner!

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There I was in the forbidden old cobwebbed place.I roamed around looking for what I might just do next…………..I found a Freddo but it was probably like a MILLION YEARS OLD so I decided to leave everything alone and just keep on exploring the place cautiously and then that’s when something caught my eye! I was so angry that I decided to look away and not be bothered about it.It was my BFF Charlotte and her 2 sisters Amy and Eleanor I was not impressed. I did tell them to wait outside the front door of the place but they must of got scared that something could of taken them so ventured their way to me.”Why are you 3 here I did tell you to wait outside this place!””We got scared sorry.”I knew it!