Red, ladder, sinking, coins, pavement.

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One day there was a lady loved the colour of red, why she was so obsessed with red because it is the colour of  LOVE. and she has a load of collector coins and the specific number is 10,000 collector coins. So she was made of money and all of those coins just cost her £100,000 just on them. When her son had a bath he was sinking into the drain because her son is only 3 inches which is the size of 7.62 centimetres which is very very very very small. The pavement at her entrance bit was also red. And when her son tries to get her son in the bath he has to use a ladder.

Hope you enjoyed story time with …………………………………………………………Poppie

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Poppie,
    I like the idea of someone being so small they need a ladder to get in the bath although the risk of being sucked down the drain hole sounds so harrowing I wonder how often he has one? As usual Poppie, if you spent a bit of time reading your blog aloud before publishing you would find plenty of ways to improve it.

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