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Tiger Pie

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There once was a monkey man called ET, he was very pugnacious and he lived in a small school. One day ET was walking round the school and he went in a class called Woodpeckers, he went to a silver £ 1110000000000 computer!!!!!!! Then ET did a evil thing, he pushed the computer of the table. The next day ET got hit by the cane on the butt. The small monkey when in the school next he found a black and orange pie. Suddenly a tiger on ET and ate him ripping his limbs of his body. A man from the moon Arm came and ate the tiger and the pie.

Ethan the Eye👁

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When Fin and Henry landed they were greeted by a 150 meter long red snake. “Is that my snake Hi?” asked Fin ” yes and he came with Ethan the Eye.” said Henry. “Where does Ethen come from?” asked Fin. “Before, the Toe War he lived on Eye one of the moon that obits Body but after the Toe War he cycled to Body and lived in the clock tower then he got kicked out and came to earth.” Then Hi tripped on Big Ben and drowned in the water. Suddenly, Ethan jumped of Hi but he got killed by the Army so Fin and Henry were sad they didn’t kill Ethan.

Fin the foot

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Fin was a foot from the moon Foot that orbits the planet Body. Fin had a red snake called Hi who lived in a clock before the Toe War . Every day  Fin would cycle to  a shop called Sweet, pure Pie the pie shop. One day when fin cycled rainbows came out and coloured Foot up. It was so colourful people from Body and Hand came. Suddenly a strange space ship came down and someone came out and said to Fin ” hi I am Henry the Hand and you need to come with me,” So they blasted of to Earth.




Henry the hand

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Once there was a hand called Henry from the moon hand that orbits the planet Body. Henry spent his days in his shop called Sweets and Things. Hand was a boing place every thing was beige but sweets and things was red, blue and yellow. So one day Henry climbed in his space ship and came to Earth. When he landed on a shop he saw a giant otter monster sent by king Harry of Hand. Henry jumped of the shop and got out a ice gun he shot the otter with it and it tripped up and it died. Then Henry opened a Sweets and Things on earth.

Peter the Pie

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In the beginning of Earth there was one person Peter the Pie. Peter the Pie lived on a island flying in the sky called Jeff. Jeff was made of cookies and ice cream. Peter could fly and he had one wish to have friends which were also pies. One day a new animal appeared, it was a evil chocolate cake called Chase. Chase chased Peter of Jeff!! Peter landed in a giant cake mikes, then the he went in a oven. peter became giant and he eat Jeff but Jeff was to big so Peter exploded!!!!

the people in the computer

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There was a small, grey gibbon called John Milky. John lived in a big, brown factory called Funny Money, milk. He was the boss of the factory, one day a pugnacious man called Luke got him a small silver laptop. When John opened the laptop a group of people appeared on the laptop, out of fear John pushed the evil laptop of the table. Luke was fired and John got out a gun and lets just say blood was on the floor. So John sat on his chair were his computer was and a man in the computer said it was me who told Luke to get the laptop.

The sleepy tiger

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One day me and my friend, Ava, was walking down the street then we saw a field with a sleepy tiger. Ava said to go and wake him up. We went over to it, it suddenly it yawned. When I tapped the tiger it woke up. Then Ava said to leave it alone for a minute. We started to walk down the road the tiger was following us then I said to stop walking the tiger walking of we saw some little cubes. We thought it was the Tiger’s. Me and Ava went to the bath room and when went to go out the tiger was blocking are ecape so I jumped out the window. By Grace B

the golden tiger

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It was a normal day , a Sunday , me and my friends were going to the zoo. When we were in the car driving down the hot , dusty road John spotted a dark , gloomy  figure  siting on the road. We pulled over were the man was sitting , when we opened the car door the dark man said come to my house , me and Finley haven’t hade visitors in years , please. so we walked up the road to the zoo the man showed us a crack in the wall he told us to go throw it. When we got out of the wall we were in a TIGER CAGE !!!!!!!!! The large , golden tiger walked round us until the tiger was blocking our escape and the chance of living!!!!!!!!!