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Bricks,Gorilla,Pretty,Running and Yellow.

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There’s a women that loves yellow bricks. But she is very pretty like this👸. There is a running race for charities and for children who have cancer and she is going to do that. When she goes zoo theres always a Gorilla🐒 there and she literally goes crazy for one. She really wants a pet Gorilla…but she can’t because she doesn’t really have a big house. But at least she has a roof on top of her head if it rains. Some more information about her its that she actually has a lot of money in her account but she doesn’t spend it at all and she keeps it a secret. If some one asks if she has a lot money she says ”if you didn’t live on the streets you would have a load money I bet and plus I don’t have a lot of money neither so stop asking people for their money OK”! Really she’s really nice I mean a lot without  people frustrating her she just instantly calms down within seconds. So if you see her and ask her for money, just think it through and don’t carry on with the sentence okay. Now have you got it straight?

I wondered what was behind the door…

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When I was a child I would say to my mum to keep the door wide open and she did.Then as I got older she would close the door I would get nightmares and they were scary that a random monster would pop out of nowhere. Don’t you think its very weird that i that when i was a child. When i was about 12 every night I would look behind the door and there was nothing behind the door. When I was asleep I would hear something rattling from my toy box but I thought it was doc mcstuffins automatic speaker but it wasn’t……..

Why is there some random statues……

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One day a little girl was walking on her normal route, normal path. When the girl went on her stroll there was nothing like that.Right now I’m asking myself ”why are there some random statues in the middle of nowhere?” When did it come here? What do I need to do for it?I asked my mum why there was some random statues in the forest, but she didn’t know why they were there. So the next day I went again on my normal stroll, normal walk. Then the statues were not there and that isn’t a surprise. So I was pleased that it is back to normal.2 years later……


….but it seemed to be going backwards

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When I was in bed, I looked at the time and I thought  it would be 2:25 am  but the time was really 11:06 pm. I thought to my self saying ”why is the time 11:07 I went to bed at 8:00 and it feels like I’ve been asleep for 5 hours?”  When I tried to wake up, I asked my Mum ”what is the time?” and then she said to me ”your are meant to go to bed its 12:09 am go to bed now I mean it!” Then I went to myself saying I need to go to bed now,  Right now then I popped my mind to it so then I went sleep as soon as you know it.

the night zoo keeper finds a mysterious animal!

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An  Alicorn which is the most magical creature in the universe. They eat candy canes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert so they have an extreme sweet tooth. Alicorns are nice and kind hearted so they wont hurt you. They trot gracefully and fly like an angel. They live in the magical pink lake where the candy cane trees grow in grace. They are as sweet as a lollipop.

“when did it arrive?” I said…

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“When did my package arrive” I said to  myself thoughtfully. Why does it have a hole in it? Has something got in to my surprise? I don’t know why my item has gone.SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY ITEM. I’m so angry grrrrrrrrrrr.I don’t know why someone would steal something from me I’m sweat and innocent.Even though a person might’ve stole my item it’s fine no one knows that so it is a secret. So i have to keep this a big secret ok mind so don’t tell me to tell anyone cuz in need to go to sleep bye so go away. SHOO SHOO.

what do these words mean?(shouted ,crimson ,misty ,frantically and grave

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Yesterday I shouted really loud because of Callum. He annoys me really bad.  My blood is a very rich crimson colour, so I get scared if I go down that hole. A misty ghost and they are dirty  so they have dust and dirt on them they have been alive for 7 centuries . I frantically ran in school because I was to hyper so I took my friend Eva down to the ground . the graveyard is as creepy as a ghost so you never want to be in there , but this is scary as a skeleton.


My bithday?

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Wow its nearly my birthday,just 4 days to go. Years go by quickly . Everyone is going to be invited to my birthday party, which is going to be a unicorn category .All th2 games are going to be incredible or I can’t describe the games at my party . Tomorrow its going to be 3 days, then its going to be then 1 .I am so looking forward to the party. I hope everyone is going to be there so I can see you people in my year group. Are you excited to about the party on the 23rd of March 2018. Yay its amazing that it’s coming really quickly.

where did the tea cup come from?

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Maybe the cup came from wonderland because it looks a bit weird and dug in the dirt, it could be a portal to wonderland because in the movie it was a bit strange that it went all the way down to the ground to deep you cant even get back up. If you want to get back up you just cant because the hole to wonderland is to deep. Its just to high to get back up , you need to try to find a teacup portal with heart designs on the cup  because the teacup is not any ordinary cup it is a magical cup.

but what if I was in charge?

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If I was in charge, I would let every child in  wildground school to go back home or I would get all the teachers go home and let the children rule the school and do whatever they want. When I’m at home I would say to my mum ”Mum you should go out with your friends and I can get someone to look after me and Callum” .Or I would give my mum a challenge to say yes to everything what me and callum say and wail about what we want . If I could persuade my mum to give me what I want.