Bricks,Gorilla,Pretty,Running and Yellow.

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There’s a women that loves yellow bricks. But she is very pretty like this👸. There is a running race for charities and for children who have cancer and she is going to do that. When she goes zoo theres always a Gorilla🐒 there and she literally goes crazy for one. She really wants a pet Gorilla…but she can’t because she doesn’t really have a big house. But at least she has a roof on top of her head if it rains. Some more information about her its that she actually has a lot of money in her account but she doesn’t spend it at all and she keeps it a secret. If some one asks if she has a lot money she says ”if you didn’t live on the streets you would have a load money I bet and plus I don’t have a lot of money neither so stop asking people for their money OK”! Really she’s really nice I mean a lot without  people frustrating her she just instantly calms down within seconds. So if you see her and ask her for money, just think it through and don’t carry on with the sentence okay. Now have you got it straight?

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Well done Poppie, it’s great that you are blogging from home and have obviously taken some inspiration from Children In Need celebrations this weekend. Im looking forward to your blog on this weeks photo!
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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