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Christmas time

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Christmas isn’t about getting it’s about giving. here is my favourite Christmas song : Christmas day on the beach boys Christmas day in the sun we are having a barbie we are having some fun. welcome baby Jesus born in Bethlehem. born to bring the message peace and love to all men. baby born in a stable down in Palestine, he knows all about sandman so we’re doing just fine. welcome baby Jesus born in Bethlehem born to bring the message peace and love to all men

theos time in London

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john went out to London he went to big Ben it was 100 ft tall. theo was  surprised ” wow”. That is very tall you now if you go to London you will see big Ben😃. There  is also the palace that the queen lives in. London is the capital of England there are a lot of gangstas in London. Then Theo found his friend Lewis. They went shopping then Lewis got a notification. it said. Fortnite season 7 is out play now if you want to freeze. so the rushed home to play fortnite then 4 hours later they were exhausted. so they went to go to sleep and then a ,dinosaur came in to there house.

we went out

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we went out with my family and we some how got on TV!!. my friend knows. ”please tell me” so Lewis said ”we were the first one to leave town” theo and Lewis wins 100.000 million pounds. ”OMG”

”We won we won we won”. so they went back to town to buy a fortnite ps4 bundle. ”why did you buy that i wanted a Xbox”  ”go buy one then with your money”

so he did and theo got in his car and went home without Lewis ”theo where are?”

theo felt bad so he went back to get him get back home. They went back to Lewis’s house and watched TV and they were eating popcorn and won a other 100.00 million pounds they are now rich. ” cool another  one ya”

i just went to the movie

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i went to the movie and then i went home. i saw my family i said ” why are you here?”. then my mum said ”turn on the TV.”. so i said ”OK”. i turned on the TV and then i saw my self on  TV. ”wow!”” how did i get on TV”. everyone didn’t know but i was lucky because…. I WON 100 MILLION POUNDS !! But then it said Lewis,Kade,Jenson and Archie where with Theo . And they were the first one to see the boss worm and they won. ”yes yes yes yes” I won I won i won”. WELL DONE” ”THANK YOU”

beind the door

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I wondered what was behind the door

I wonder what is behind the door,it might be a creature coming to attack my could be a chest full of money. It could be a big fat cow . It could be a box with a snake in. It could be a ps4 with a fortnite bundle(hopefully) it could be a dog!!!! It might be a robber or mum with a troll face. It might be a different door with a skeleton on it or someone with a gun or a knife. It might be nothing. It might be a cat good


clumsy orange cat

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Danced fighter bath clumsily orange

My little orange cat was a strong cat fighter. He is very clumsily falls over. He falls in bath and I say ”you clumsy cat”. The orange,clumsy cat fell over clumsily. Like he doesn’t already!!!Like always I had to pick him up and then I fell in the day I had to try and beat up a fighter with orange hair in a boxing ring! So I tried but I ended with a tooth knocked out! My orange cat every day  when I have dinner he jumps on me and gets me all hairy.