what was that thing

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one time me and my friends were walking in the, forest building a den. And all of a sudden it started raining, and it was really windy. We put some heavy stones on the sticks so the den didn’t fly away. We saw something coming our way, it looked like a rabbit with, huge red eyes, raiser sharp teeth. So me and my friends started running, then we saw 5 of them coming. We hid in the den, but the den blew away. We ran for our life, a tiger was flying past now we couldn’t tell what was coming next it looked like a. No it couldn’t…

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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Theo,
    The stormy conditions you have described in your blog are brilliant for setting the scene for this scary story. Well done for experimenting with your punctuation – if you need someone to check commas before you publish next time then just give me a shout or ask another blogger.
    I love the ending, a real cliff hanger. What on earth was it and are you still alive?
    3 house points
    Mrs Addleton

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