beind the door

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I wondered what was behind the door

I wonder what is behind the door,it might be a creature coming to attack my could be a chest full of money. It could be a big fat cow . It could be a box with a snake in. It could be a ps4 with a fortnite bundle(hopefully) it could be a dog!!!! It might be a robber or mum with a troll face. It might be a different door with a skeleton on it or someone with a gun or a knife. It might be nothing. It might be a cat good


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  1. Mrs Addleton says:

    Hello Theo, this was such an entertaining read; I actually did laugh out loud when I read the bit about a troll-faced mum. Be careful with prompts that are part of a sentence because you have to use the prompt exactly as it is given. Well done for thinking about using the iPads to publish – hopefully many more children can blog in golden time now!
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    Mrs Addleton

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