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the hand with a life

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its a hand. no deal. so what? we all have hands… but none as devious as this one.

it all started in a pottery started with a master of clay. but something went wrong. The so-called clay master created a hand out of clay for an anniversary present for his wife.but there was lighting… it struck in the abandoned pottery studio and the hand was alive…

Why monkeys cant be trusted with highly expensive computers!

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There was once a man called Stuart. He was bald. He owned a very expensive computer. He also owned a very CRAZY monkey called pig. Yes, PIG.

Stuart grew lazier and lazier. And one day, he grew so lazy that he couldn’t be bothered to use his computer any more so he gave it to pig.

But pig did not know how to do a space, but figured how to send an Email so sent one to Stuart saying ‘Howdoyoudoaspace?lovepig,thestupidmonkeyyougaveyourcomputerto.’

But Stuart didn’t reply.

Pig grew so ANGRY, that it got to the point when he thought his fuzzy little head was going to EXPLODE!!!

So, he chucked the computer of the desk!

In conclusion, monkeys should NOT ever, EVER be trusted with highly-expensive computers!!!

The day the tiger escaped from the zoo

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Today was a CRAZY day out at the zoo. It all started when me and my bff Aimee arrived at the zoo.

”Mum? Can we go see the tigers now?” I asked. Mine and Aimee’s favourite animal is tigers.So we went up to see the tigers.

When we arrived, we noticed a man standing next to the tiger enclosure. ”Hi!” he said. His name was Norman. ”I’ve just fed the tigers! Love a good bit of meat they do!”  He seemed nice.

”Are they friendly?” Aimee asked.

”kinda. Just don’t get too close.” Norman replied.


Soon, I noticed a panel with loads of buttons on the side of the cage.I pointed this out to aimee.

The sandwich apocolipse

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There was once an energetic girl name Elizabeth. She had long, fair hair and loved cucumber sandwiches made with white bread without the crust. Then one day, the sandwich apocalipse occurred. Everyone was being evacuated to the moon.

The next day, Elizabeth discovered something that could have a MAJOR impact on life. The moon ran on BATTERIES!!! What if the batteries ran out? would the moon collapse?