The sandwich apocolipse

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There was once an energetic girl name Elizabeth. She had long, fair hair and loved cucumber sandwiches made with white bread without the crust. Then one day, the sandwich apocalipse occurred. Everyone was being evacuated to the moon.

The next day, Elizabeth discovered something that could have a MAJOR impact on life. The moon ran on BATTERIES!!! What if the batteries ran out? would the moon collapse?

4 responses to “The sandwich apocolipse”

  1. Grace S says:

    love it and hope you come up with something existing

  2. Kate Wilson says:

    Wow Trinity. I was completely drawn into your story. You definitely know how to paint pictures with your words. I’m slightly scared about the moon running on batteries – fingers crossed they’re rechargeable.

  3. Mrs Dibben says:


    I used to love reading your writing so was thrilled to see you had written a blog, and it doesn’t disappoint. You have seemlessly crafted the print words into an original and intriguing tale.
    Will disaster strike and the moon face an even more threatening apocalypse.

  4. Mrs Addleton says:

    I know that you had real trouble getting to the ICT suite in playtimes this week to complete your first blog for the 100wc which meant that you didn’t quite finish. However, you have tantailsed us with a snippet of descriptive and imaginative text; I really wanted to read more. Would the end have included cucumber, cream cheese and tomatoe ketchup?
    I hope you get a chance to publish next week.
    Mrs Addleton

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