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A not so satisfying story…

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  1. Hello. My name is Yuni, and I have a story to tell.

It all started when I was born with my twin sister. My mother didn’t love me at all because I was born with an illness (my illness is I can’t feel emotions like other people). My dad still loved me though. He said that people are different and that they (more…)

My First 5 Sentence Challenge!

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Is this a train station? I love the steam train. It is so crowded by the train and in the distance you can see a fayre. It looks very bright and colourful, this could mean the people are celebrating something special. I think it looks like it could be a sunny day because the women and girls are wearing dresses and skirts.

Can’t People Listen?

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  1. I had a dream last night.

It was about my future when i was a fashion designer. I ordered a bunch of violet and lime, silky dresses. The next day I got the box of dresses… inside was not what I ordered. “Why are these dresses blue and yellow?!”

“Uh… I don’t know miss,” the deliverer replied. I was so furious it had to be violet and lime! I had two, wealthy VIP guests to go to an important show, and the dresses were not RIGHT! I luckily re-ordered them and had to spend more money for 1-hour delivery!


Can’t people listen? Part 2.

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The dresses arrived. The colours were correct for once, so I put them in the section ‘already sold’. Then I realised I needed to make the black ribbon bow to go with it. I searched threw my ribbon draw, but I couldn’t find any of my black ribbons. I quickly ran through the door. I went to my local store ‘fabrics, threads and ribbons’. I looked around the ribbons section but I could only find red ribbon. I thought in my head “It’s the wrong colour!” I headed to the clerk and ordered thick, long, ribbon. Luckily, I got it.

Some friends they were…

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I had nice friends or so I thought…

Most of the time we played games but they always left me out. We also had a LOT of arguments al the time. None of them took my side; always the side opposite to me. One day I was so cross that… I left them.

Now I have proper friends. I play with them everyday and I love it! As for the old friends… they’re still rude to me sometimes, but I don’t care. I’m over them forever.

They are manipulative. Don’t trust them.

Don’t make the same mistake I did…



The Abandoned Theatre…

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Creak… slowly the door of the strange building opened as Camille entered. ” It’s s-so cold , ” a little voice spoke from the shadows. Camille screamed in fright.

“Who’s the-there?” she stammered.There was no reply.Suddenly the fireplace on the other side of the dark room lit up.

“It’s so warm,”the voice whispered. Camille looked away as quickly as she could.

” AHHHHHHHH,” she spotted a little girl holding a gum ball at the candy bar.She heard giggles echoing all around the room. Quick as a flash the little girl shoved the sweet in Camilles mouth. She fell,she never woke again because of her…