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The magic drain pipe !!!!

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On a dark night there was a drain pipe. This was no ordinary  pipe .A snake it   came down the drainpipe. A rat it came down the drainpipe then a mouse came down the drainpipe. Sundly a portal to the middle of nowhere the rat was confused . The sake hissed at the cars. The  mouse was scared. after that happened they tried to get home…

the end


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There is a mythical creatures called that are Pokémon that are intelligent .They also have powers such as normal grass fire water bug steel ice and dark those are8 of the 18 powers but there are male and female some are different to others .here are some starters Litten Poplyo and Rowlet there is mega evolve  there’s ones can do it  Absol ,Glade, Pidgeot,  and steelix . Ash is pokemon are Pikachu,Taloflame Noivern greninja and Hawlucha. Ash is a intelligent and powful trainer that has 5 pokemon that are brilliant and helpful they are always looking out for him and his friends,