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Deadly trap run!!! Part2!!!

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After I was tried I got a letter from Egypt. As I read in the scrunched up paper it said “Terble things are happingEgypt is being torn apart by mythic creatsures “… now all this make spence bewere magical things will happen if this box is opened…. So that’s egzacly what he did

His mum was whashed some eggs had black fringes that are flickering  in the sun light. So that night he snuck out and on a plane to Egypt. The next day he felt fly sick and picked out the windo when he got there he still felt sick and afraid then fownd the sows in the stone and fought the first beast.

to be continued…😱😭doing a 💩


The deadly!!!!!trap run!!! Part1

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…Toady I woke up in the in the Sahara desert !!!!! As the pyramid got built I went in to steel the  King then it turned into a trap run for a second I though what is and not deadly.

. Bees

. completeness

. getting told off

then I ran across the trap run But I was exhausted by all the spike traps. finally I got to the king then the guards came out of nowhere!!! As I ran it stared spraying pink bubbles then it fired a bicycle and a empty but poisoned box. Then the  developer appeared  not a fake developer a real devle …

to be contued



television teleporter

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we seemed to be on the television

As I flicked the power button on the TV remote. I stared watching it teleported me into the television as I went on the things I saw were amazing the grey fuzziness was weird. When I noticed that as people went deeper in they stared to fade. deeper I went later I faded…

when I faded there was an mythical creuters called Pokémon nobody can know of this wold when I got out I told my foster care that I don’t want it any more then it got threw away.

to be counted!!!!!!!!!!!!

The magic drain pipe !!!!

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On a dark night there was a drain pipe. This was no ordinary  pipe .A snake it   came down the drainpipe. A rat it came down the drainpipe then a mouse came down the drainpipe. Sundly a portal to the middle of nowhere the rat was confused . The sake hissed at the cars. The  mouse was scared. after that happened they tried to get home…

the end


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There is a mythical creatures called that are Pokémon that are intelligent .They also have powers such as normal grass fire water bug steel ice and dark those are8 of the 18 powers but there are male and female some are different to others .here are some starters Litten Poplyo and Rowlet there is mega evolve  there’s ones can do it  Absol ,Glade, Pidgeot,  and steelix . Ash is pokemon are Pikachu,Taloflame Noivern greninja and Hawlucha. Ash is a intelligent and powful trainer that has 5 pokemon that are brilliant and helpful they are always looking out for him and his friends,