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The family

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One day there was a family of three, they were a lovely family until one day they went missing. They were gone for ages. But they were found, And guess what happened to them? They got turned into statues…

Find out how they got turned into statues next time on The family.

Monday afternoon (29th, true story)

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On Monday afternoon I went to the shop and called my dad and asked him to pick me up.Then he told me that he was in hospital. Apparently he got hit by a car in Limington. I was very sad. But he is ok now. Yay.

The snake bike (and the secret hand part 3 the little girl who went missing)

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One day there was a boy” NO” “Why are you stopping me” “Because it’s not a boy” “Oh, sorry. Goodbye.” ” lets get down to writing”

One day a young girl, whose name was Lilly,  bike and she had a small pet snake, called ham, in the basket of her bike. She loved cycling with ham, he liked it too. Lilly always took Ham out with her and never left him behind. EVER. Ham was her best friend. Until she went missing. Then Ham didn’t come out of his cage. He didn’t eat, sleep or move at all. Then he got ill and kept getting more and more ill. Unfortunately, when Lilly returned Ham was……Dead. Lilly was devastated but there was nothing she could do.

The secret hand part 2

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Previously on the secret hand. A little girl wakes up in the night and sees something in her closet then after a few weeks she goes missing.

The girls mum and dad freak out when they find their daughter missing. Instead they find a note saying: Dear mum and dad, I told you there was a thing in my closet. Now do you believe me? I have gone to a random house in the middle of nowhere. I hope you’re happy now. From your daughter, Lilly. Her mum was shaken. Her dad was speechless. They both couldn’t sleep as their daughter had been taken by some… thing!

Can they get their daughter back? Find out next time on The secret hand.

The secret hand part one.

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Once upon a “STOP”  “Why”  “Because it is NOT a fairy tale”  “Then what is it”  “It is a BLOG”  “Wrong set sorry. Bye” “Finally they are gone. Let’s get on with the blog”.

One day there was a little girl at the age of four she was sleeping peacefully then all of a sudden she woke up but when she woke up she saw something looking at her from her closet. She was terrified. She ran out of her room and got her mum up and dragged her to the closet. She didn’t see anything so she went back to bed. The thing came back and kept coming back and then she went missing. Where did she go? find out next time on the secret hand.