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The explorer

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At school I had a school trip to go on today and we took a coach. The colour of the coach was mauve. The teacher gave us some rules and if we didn’t follow them we would have to go back and sit in the coach. The place we went to looked like a jungle, and we saw an Alligator.  Me, Elisia,lily H and Lauren  tried to clime a tree and it was tricky. We got sent back to the coach and Elisia started cry because she missed her mum. Then we all got sent back to school.




The missing hand…

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One evening there was a hand it was called Donald trump 2 and he was a statue.  but he had gone missing… his mum and dad were very upset there looked everywhere but they never found him so if you see him call this number 12345678 but if you don’t see him do not call the number if you lie you will go to jail.