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The bike accident!!!!!

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dear diary,
today I was on television because I crashed my bike it cant really remember what happened It was 
strange ... I found my self led on the floor there were paramedics I woke up when I was in hospital my mum  by my side it must of been pretty bad mum was crying I thought I was dyeing but my mum  said the doctor gave her good news I was alright to go home to my family everyone was at my house they 
were  also happy to see me I think that's enough
drama for today bye now :)

computer monkey

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a long time ago lived a monkey who was very good with computers but he got a bit angry he typed one wrong word but Mrs monkey came in and said why don’t you try¬† the 100 word challenge it will help you get your words correct and you will be much happier and we could take the kids out instead of you being on your computer it is very boring because you start talking to yourself¬† i want to get out it is BORING now i need to cook dinner for the kids Im making curry for us but the kids are having chips