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“when did it arrive?” I said…

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“When did my package arrive” I said to  myself thoughtfully. Why does it have a hole in it? Has something got in to my surprise? I don’t know why my item has gone.SOMEONE HAS STOLEN MY ITEM. I’m so angry grrrrrrrrrrr.I don’t know why someone would steal something from me I’m sweat and innocent.Even though a person might’ve stole my item it’s fine no one knows that so it is a secret. So i have to keep this a big secret ok mind so don’t tell me to tell anyone cuz in need to go to sleep bye so go away. SHOO SHOO.


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One day, A misty ghost frantically danced in school he slipped on a banana and grazed his arms. Crimson red blood came out . WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Shouted the teacher. He was buried in a grave. A tarantula who had crimson red eyes and bat black body that will give a scare IF YOU SEE HIM IN FOR A SCARE IF YOU DARE! He sat on the mat with a cat on a random Saturday.


what do these words mean?(shouted ,crimson ,misty ,frantically and grave

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Yesterday I shouted really loud because of Callum. He annoys me really bad.  My blood is a very rich crimson colour, so I get scared if I go down that hole. A misty ghost and they are dirty  so they have dust and dirt on them they have been alive for 7 centuries . I frantically ran in school because I was to hyper so I took my friend Eva down to the ground . the graveyard is as creepy as a ghost so you never want to be in there , but this is scary as a skeleton.


The misty grave

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Frantically in a far forest long ago there was some campers that discovered a misty graveyard where nothing grows and underneath the ground the mysterious creature lays beneath the camper’s campsite . While one of the campers discovered misty crimson grave shouted,” Leave this place , NOW !”





Week 29 Prompt

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This week we have a 5-word prompt suggested by the students in 5th grade at Richmond Intermediate School, St Charles, Illinois.


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