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Funny Feet

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Funny Feet, what’s his name? Bob? Harry? OOH! I know! Lacy! Wait a second! She’s nicknamed Funny Feet! I don’t know why though… HOLD ON! Who’s that? Looks like my teddy… BUT BIGGER!!! And she is Brown. Wait a sec that’s not my ted that’s MINI work! In my whole 9 years of life I’ve never seen that before! It feels like AAH! SPLINTER!!! That hurt! Really hurt! The next floor up one is Harley Davidson motorcycles there actually cheap £10.00 a step! Next floor its gogglebox!!! 🙂 My fav show! a bit… wait a second no nothing else that’s the (grand) tour!



the big race

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It was nearly the day for the race hallie said to herself she was worried  she went to school . the race was at night time .after school she went home she got dressed she jumped in the car she was exited they made it .it was nearly her turn . hallie your  turn she was against the fastest girl brooke . get ready set go .hallie w as running as fast as she ever ran before so was brooke she ran but brooke was not making progress then Hallie touched the finish line she had got to the finish line yes whoo .


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One day, a GIANT monster named Moni was walking when he found a big Bodyless  pair of legs! Ring Ring . Ring Ring! “Oh that’s my phone!” says moni theres a pair of walking sauseges.

. Hello? Oh hi this is the police. there is a pair of legs running around the forest! oh I have seen it ! oh good . bye! bye! beep. HA HA Were going to put you silly legs in jail in 2002.  In 2002, The police came and stole lots of money . Ok you bodyless legs, time to put you in jail .  I really think there sauseges now! the end!

the giant pepperami

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once a girl was at a school trip in the forest she had lots of peperami and metal she lost her lunch box it formed into a giant peperami man then the girl saw it she was scared it snapped in half. it jumped in the water and all of the water came out. and everything got wet . he was looking for his body . she thought how does he see its just his legs. she guided the legs to the body it had a glimps of the top half of the tbody she caught it she put it together wooo.

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Once there was a ordinary forest with millions of trees . There was a little girl called hope . Hope was very shy and she loved reading . her mum and dad called her a bookworm . The next day her parents made up a  beastly idea t. the idea was to abandon her in the forest so they took her to the woods asleep . once her parents left she woke up and gasped “WHY AM I HERE ! she flooded with tears .She went to hunt for food . she saw the weirdest tree EVER she walked closer and closer until … THE TREE KIKDED HERE!

Funfair cup aventure

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One day at the fun fair one  gloomy night there  was a world of people. I went on one of the fun rides I was so dizeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I was nearly sick and fell on the ground and hit my head.  I was starting to  get blood  everywhere  and   I stared crying so my pearents  helped me get up from the dirty, smelly, disgusting , floor then we went to get some lovely delicious candy and cotton candy. It  was so yummy I saved some for little baby cute sister who  is so funny like a cheacky monkey   climbing on a high tree and bushes  .

New Prompt Week 28 100wc

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This week we have a very strange appearance in the woods!

Things to think about:

  • What can you see?
  • Where has it come from?
  • How do you feel?