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where did the tea cup come from?

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Maybe the cup came from wonderland because it looks a bit weird and dug in the dirt, it could be a portal to wonderland because in the movie it was a bit strange that it went all the way down to the ground to deep you cant even get back up. If you want to get back up you just cant because the hole to wonderland is to deep. Its just to high to get back up , you need to try to find a teacup portal with heart designs on the cup  because the teacup is not any ordinary cup it is a magical cup.

Magical Tea-Cup Ride

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The fair was so fun but I didn’t like the music playing di-di-dididy-di-di-di-di, di-di-dididy-di-di-di-di-di-di…  The lights were flashing and the rollercoasters rumbled by the bumper cars.  I saw the tea-cup ride and thought it was going to be fun because it makes you dizzy.  I climbed into a huge golden cup and put my seatbelt on….  We started to move then we noticed the cup started to shake.  We were a bit worried and we tried to tell the man to stop the ride but it was too late.  We were terrified because all of a sudden the cup flew off and landed in a cow field.

New Prompt, Week 24 100WC

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Have fun with this one!  I really can’t wait to see your blogs.

From Mrs Addleton