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The secret hand part 2

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Previously on the secret hand. A little girl wakes up in the night and sees something in her closet then after a few weeks she goes missing.

The girls mum and dad freak out when they find their daughter missing. Instead they find a note saying: Dear mum and dad, I told you there was a thing in my closet. Now do you believe me? I have gone to a random house in the middle of nowhere. I hope you’re happy now. From your daughter, Lilly. Her mum was shaken. Her dad was speechless. They both couldn’t sleep as their daughter had been taken by some… thing!

Can they get their daughter back? Find out next time on The secret hand.

bad sam

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once apon a time there was a snake named Sam the snake he was a blue snake with pointy and fierce red spikes. sam is a very bad snake he likes stealing sweets from shops.before the clock struck midnight the snake cycled around the whole town  on a bike and stole every sweet in sight from the easland sweet shop he was very selfish and he never thought of anyone but himself just you think  of all the children that turn up and see not a sweet in there tiny little eye they would be so so so so  devestated

New Prompt – Week 17 100wc

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Here it is – the new prompt:

Red Before Snake Clock Cycled

These words must all appear in your blog but can be in any order.

We had a record week of blogging last week with 50 pieces of writing either in draft or published.  Well done to everyone who published and got their blog on the 100wc website.  Some blogs attracted comments from as far away as Iowa in America and New Zealand which is pretty amazing.

Bloggers, remember that your blogs are not just read by your friends but by children and adults from all over the world.  It’s a chance to showcase your writing so make sure you check what you submit is appropriate.

Keep up the brilliant blogging,

Mrs Addleton