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The hand of danger ……

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The hand that is the biggest mystery ever it moves every night. everybody is  terrified  were it might be or might do.

one night it moved nobody new were but that night it began the world domination it began in Southampton year 2001.

place by place the took hand and destroyed what will happen will it be the end or the begging.


…Sloppy Hand! (First Blog)

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In a land far away there was a hand called Sloppy hand. He ate children and pickles . Sloppy hand was the worlds most wanted criminal for not having chicken nuggets ever in his life.

His full name is Handy Hand Handerson ,If you see him call 7686443 (PLEASE DONT CALL THIS NUMBER)

If you see him he will most likely be on the roof of sub way.Just follow the path of meat balls on the road close to sub way.

Sloppy hand was on the roof of McDonalds … The he was ambushed by chicken nuggets.

That was the end of Sloppy Hand.






the hand of horror

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One day three younge boys Charlie , Harry and josh . one day they went to an abandoned house and went to the kitchen but some thing wasn’t quit right . soddenly Charlie spoted a severed hand and decided to toach it *scrunch* ” ew that’s discussing don’t touch me envy more” moaned Harry ” don’t worry I won’t” He replied . Suddenly josh said ” hey did you guys hear that ?”they went into the lounge ” OMG” exclaimed Charlie  a lifeless body lay on the ground . Then josh noticed that the hand was missing they immediately went to a different room and tried to forget what that just saw. But that room cirtanly didn’t have a better site a man dangling from rope


The secret hand part one.

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Once upon a “STOP”  “Why”  “Because it is NOT a fairy tale”  “Then what is it”  “It is a BLOG”  “Wrong set sorry. Bye” “Finally they are gone. Let’s get on with the blog”.

One day there was a little girl at the age of four she was sleeping peacefully then all of a sudden she woke up but when she woke up she saw something looking at her from her closet. She was terrified. She ran out of her room and got her mum up and dragged her to the closet. She didn’t see anything so she went back to bed. The thing came back and kept coming back and then she went missing. Where did she go? find out next time on the secret hand.

The Gifted – Part 12

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Last time on the gifted, the 4 Elements combined their power to release a wildly packed tornado and then a life form emerged…

“So… Looks like you have found me!” Said a mysterious rainbow figure… “It was my destiny to find and save people who are known as the gifted before it is too late, come with me and for fill my destiny!” “Wait how can we trust you?” Replied the 4 Elements in great bravery. Well why wouldn’t you trust a massive alien… I mean human that has what is known as gifts?” “Ok, you’ve got a good point… Wait! You’re an alien!”…

The hand of terror!

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The hand of terror. It does not sound very scary but actually it is. It finds you whilst you sleep and when you wake up it goes into a fist and knocks you out. After that, it will drag you to its secret lab and cook you for its dinner. But if you escape then it will find you were ever you hide and eat you there and then. But there is a problem for the hand of terror. It will run and hide from you when you have fire. So make this a tip, the hand of terror is afraid of fire.

Donald Trump’s ugly brother

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In the picture you can see a Male hand with Donald Trump’s face AKA his brother. He is watching America and the White House for murders trying to kill Trump. His body can not move he must stay there and keep watch on the White House. His legs are very strong which help him stay there for a very long time without moving. If ever the hand moves it has to kill its self OR gets its nails polished. The hand never sleeps because if people kill trump at night he looses his job. However the hand is aloud to lay down and rest.

Henry the hand

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Once there was a hand called Henry from the moon hand that orbits the planet Body. Henry spent his days in his shop called Sweets and Things. Hand was a boing place every thing was beige but sweets and things was red, blue and yellow. So one day Henry climbed in his space ship and came to Earth. When he landed on a shop he saw a giant otter monster sent by king Harry of Hand. Henry jumped of the shop and got out a ice gun he shot the otter with it and it tripped up and it died. Then Henry opened a Sweets and Things on earth.

my painful life by by charliep

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in the beginning,in year 4 my hand got slammed in the door and I went to a&e . my hand was swirling up and I had to have a sling on my hand.

In year 5 my head got slammed into a chair and my eye  was swurl up it hurt very much .

in year 6 my hand got slammed into the doorand my nail fell off at my house and it hurt {it was by me} I went to a&e with my mum and my granddad .they put 2 injections in my hand and pushed it back in to were it should be


The Hand…

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In 1980 a boy went missing named Jeffery Wheeler. It has not been proven as to why or how he went missing; all we know is he is missing. A few years before hand, he kept on telling his parents about a creepy hand that grabbed him…

“Sweetie, bed time!” “Mum noooo. The hand will get me!” “Who told you that silly, there’s no such thing as monsters, see.” His mum turns on the light and points around the room checking for what Jeffery calls The Hand. “But Mum…” “No, stop with this nonsense, get into bed!” “Ok…” It was that night that Jeffery Wheeler went missing…