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The weird light bulb .

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One day in a gloomy abandoned cabin the Woods family walked through the door to see if their was any shelter they can use . So they knocked on the door but no one answered so they walked in . Nobody was their so they walked in and sat on a big scruffy sofa in the middle of the large room … They looked and realised it was very dark so they walked to the front door and switched on a switch … Nothing happened … So they switched it on again … A massive light shone from the ceiling … The eldest in their family looked up to see if it was a light bulb … But he got blinded by the bright light … That’s why you never look straight into a light .

The light bulb

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In a dusty,gloomy woods lived a old witch.No lights, no windows, just a shed !                        she didn’t like any thing that normal people have, she wasn’t exactly normal …

another day …

a girl from across the city went for a ‘nice’ stroll in the woods …

suddenly, she came across the witches hut …

she found part of a light bulb on the floor , she walked in the shed and thought it was very bare  to her eyes it was pitch black, she remembered she hd the light bulb, so she took it out of her bag and found the cord and there ,finished.

Jamie and the Sun Minion

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One cloudy day, Jamie was outside playing in his barren garden when his mum strolled out and exclaimed “Get in this minute Jamie, because the sun will come out from behind that cloud any second now and you don’t have your sunglasses on!”  Jamie ignored his mum and got more toys from his toy shed.  He chose a teddy minion and put it in the dirt.  Jamie lay in the dirt alongside his beloved toy and lifted his head up towards the sky.  As he watched the sky he noticed a minion shaped cloud but the sun peeped out and the light blinded him.  Very quickly, Jamie covered his eyes with his hands and shouted “Mum.  My eyes!”  Then he went to the opticians to learn how to keep his eyes safe in the sun.