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The story of a Chap called Charlie pt2

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He put his hands up and reached for the register then lights flash in front of his eyes he then remembers its purge night. He then reaches under the counter for the shot gun and BANG the man dropped blood spatter everywhere he shook he never purged before. He ran back home and 5told his mum and they locked down metal covered the windows and doors now they had to sit tight and wait.

A Story of a chap called Charlie (my first blog)

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In the beginning of the year 1993 a chap called Charlie  was working in a corner store. He was about to lock up when a man ran in and pointed a gun at him …

Peter the Pie

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In the beginning of Earth there was one person Peter the Pie. Peter the Pie lived on a island flying in the sky called Jeff. Jeff was made of cookies and ice cream. Peter could fly and he had one wish to have friends which were also pies. One day a new animal appeared, it was a evil chocolate cake called Chase. Chase chased Peter of Jeff!! Peter landed in a giant cake mikes, then the he went in a oven. peter became giant and he eat Jeff but Jeff was to big so Peter exploded!!!!

The adventures of Zdogg

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In the beginning Zach (or Zdogg) was laying down on the couch with his brother, Roman. Then they heard a BANG on the door. Zach went up to the door and got CAPTURED and got taken away to space. ”Lol is this a kind of prank bud?” the weird person responded ”Little earthlings are so pathetic” said the weird crazy guy. Zach was confused then when he pulled his mask down this made soooo much sense to him ”Now do you understand, my name is Jeff from Pig island” he surprised Zach with ”YOUR A PIG??, that’s hilarious” snorted Zach ”You don’t understand mwhahaha!” Laughed Jeff with his long white beard that Zach just noticed. ”I will soon take over the world!!!”

in the beginning of the end.

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Today I got out of bed I felt today wasn’t going to be a good day  the beginning  started when there was a massive,gigantic tsunami flooded my home and changed my life entire life my parents past the only people were me and my sister we had to go to a care-home.

It started when dad yelled “TAKE COVER!” I looked out the windowAHHHHHHHHHHH!” mum dad rushed into mine and Jess’s bedroom but as they ran to the room but the tsunami caught them or so we thought……

the boy who ate fire !!!

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In the beginning there was a boy called Oli. He was small and had chestnut brown hair . He had blue eyes and a brown splodge in his left eye covering 1/5 of it. He ate fire.He didn’t die. HE BECAME FIRE BOY!!!!!

From Atlanta Sole

Author’s note:

This a very special story for Oliver Scott . He didn’t die by eating fire I have no idea for this prompt this week so I did a very short story.  I hope you find this very short story funny.

The Cat with powers !!! part 1

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Cats are not always as they seem. some are cheeky, some are quiet, some are loud and some have powers !!!!  There once was a very silly cat it did the opposite of what its owner tells him . This Cat had a white nose, a tabby patch on his back and his head was tabby. His name was sparky . At Christmas sparky and his sister (Petal) love to play chase and run around the Christmas tree.

One day sparky and petal were playing chase and the Christmas lights cable was hanging down from the tree and petal got to closer and closer to the cable and her leg got stuck ……

The Gifted – Part 11

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The 4 Elements linked up holding hands and all of a sudden *Boom* *Flash* *Crash*. What could this be, are there other people with powers out there. Find out today!

*Boom* *Flash* *Crash*, *Boom* *Flash* *Crash*. The 4 Elements started to fly in the air with blue, red, white and brown striped colours flashing around them. A massive rainbow aura surrounded the 4 Elements. *BOOM!*

They all fell and hit the rocky floor *Crash!*. Suddenly a massive tornado filled with rocks water and fire approached the 4 Elements… The 4 Elements stared in amazement. “So… looks like you have found me…

In The Beginning…

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In the beginning I was only 4 years old when I was picking at my belly button and suddenly I felt something spikey… “ow!” I slowly removed the object and pulled it out… A barbecued warty Pringle! I stared at it in amazement and felt a sudden urge to sniff it. *sniff sniff* And I have no idea what made me do this but I slowly lifted it and… *Crunch Crunch*

several weeks later…

I was rushed to the hospital in food poisoning!

don’t eat a warty Pringle from your belly button!



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I am going to tell you a bit about my life. In the beginning around 3 weeks after I was born I nearly died! My mum was starting to worry about me so she called 999. They stayed on the phone until the ambulance came. they told her what to wear and all sorts of stuff like that. When the ambulance came they rushed me into it. When I got to the hospital they took me to a room with curtains so I could rest. I forgot to tell you, when I was at the hospital it was full if drunk people who where fighting and there was police.