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The Gifted – Part 4

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Cowboys got into their getaway vehicle and fled many miles away until the Ultimate Cowboy Shouted STOP THE VAN. Why did he do this, was it on purpose?Find out today!

The Ultimate Cowboy gets out the van and Exclaimes “Did anybody realise what happened back there?!” “I made rocks fly!” “Maybe i should try it again just to see.” So The Ultimate Cowboy Looks at a building and raises his hand except this time, nothing happens…

“What, work!” He drops his hand down by his side and raises it up  again but nothing happens. “Ugh, It was just a coincidence!” So The Cowboys hop back in the van and furiously drive back to the head quarters. Once they get there The Ultimate Cowboy sits down in disbelief…

The Gifted – Part 3

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Last time on 4 Elements, The Ultimate Cowboy tried to escape the heist but a police officer came. All seemed bad until the Ultimate Cowboy raised his hand and caused 4 big rocks to head in the officers direction. Is this true power or just a coincident. Find out today!

“Run while we have the chance!” Exclaimes a Cowboy. They run out the bank with bags worth 5 million and hop in to a big black van where they drive miles away. On the way the the head quarters the Ultimate Cowboy starts to think hard about what happened back at the bank. Three quarters of the way there, the Ultimate Cowboy shouts STOP THE VAN. Then, the driver says but sir… He does it again “STOP, THE, VAAAAAN!” *Drift*…

The Gifted – Part 2

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Last time on 4 Elements, the Cowboys walked into a bank looking formal as the Ultimate Cowboy got a key card, opened the vault and everything was going great until the alarm went off. Will they succeed, find out today!

“Quick, lets get out of here!” Shouts the Ultimate Cowboy. “You Aren’t going anywhere!” Yells a police officer. He pulls out a usp (Pistol) and points it at them. “Get on your knees!” Exclaimed the police officer. The Ultimate Cowboy was so furious that he Yelled no and raised his hand as if he had powers. Then he yelled no one more time except this time, 4 big rocks fly over to the officer and hit him directly in the forehead knocking him out…


The Gifted – Part 1

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It is a regular day in the state of Texas when 4 men, who call them self’s the Cowboys, rob a rank and when they get caught, they realise they hold extraordinary powers…

“Are yarl guys ready for mayhem?!” YEEEE HAAAA!” The Cowboys are prepared for the biggest heist of all, a 20 million pound bank robbery! “Lets go!” The Cowboys walk into the bank in a formal fashion and act like they are looking for something as a distraction while the Ultimate Cowboy (Oliver Scott) pickpockets one of the guards taking his key card. He then goes to a dark corner, turns on his radio and whispers “Phase one complete.” From then, one of the higher ranked cowboys strangles one of the guard taking his clothes, money and equipment. Then he turns on his radio and whispers “Phase two complete.” Suddenly, the rest of the cowboys take out revolvers and start shooting at the ceiling whilst the Ultimate Cowboy opens the vault door and stares in amazement until the alarm goes of…

Truly Sad – Part 3

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Jane: You know, you never listen too me, we are done!

Jack: Oh hey i’m back, no don’t go




A Little Note:

I hope you liked my first story, I didn’t want to make it long because I am focusing on a story called ‘The Gifted’ and so far                  (21st December) It has 5 parts which all have 100+ words so i can’t wait for it to be published!

the streets of Southampton- part 2

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“Anything can happen in Southampton” Oliver thought to himself. As he walked the streets of Southampton , he saw a really beautiful girl . Suddenly, his adventure stopped and ended at 4pm because sadly he arrived at his hotel. The next day he was so eagered to find this girl that he didn’t even meet yet. As he searched everywhere there was no sign of her anywhere. The day went by , searching everywhere he kept seeing glimpses of her , he thought it was just in his head ,but he believed they were clues . As he followed the glimpses of the pretty girl , he came across a very strange shaped door…

Truly Sad – Part 2

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“Jack!” Shouts his mum. “We need to go!” Jack turns off his phone and runs down the stairs, out the door and gets in the car. Jack can’t wait to go to the party! Jack takes out his phone and goes onto messages:

Jane: Jack!

Jack: What, I was getting ready for the party

Jane: As I said, I need to tell you something…

Jack: Sorry, I’m here. Tell me later

Jane: No Jack

Jane: Jack!

Jane: Let me tell you, Please, Jack!

Jane: It’s very important!

The Bad Laptop ( part 2 )

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The Gibbon made a very angry face as he went to press the button that made Siri come up originally .

” Hello  ” Siri   announced

” ohh ohh ohhh ahahahah ” the monkey exclaimed

”  I have told you before I do not speak gibberish ” siri said a little annoyed

” ohh ah ah ah oh oh oh ah ” the monkey  exclaimed looking very angry

” good bye ”

“ohohohhohohohoahahahahahahhhhhaaa” the Gibbon said with a very angry face

The Gibbon thought if he should try again but he would get the same answer so he didn’t .

The moral of the story ask a friend before you start to smash up a lap tops.

the streets of Southampton – part 1

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One day  , a boy called Oliver walked the streets of Texas . he always thought that Texas was the place for him.It always had his favourite things like gaming shops, nice restaurants, pretty much anything he wanted .

One day he decided to take a trip to England in the summer because he thought it would be a nice get away from all his crazy family and dramatic moments from his life. So off he went to take part in a whole new adventure ,but what he didn’t know was that one he got there he would fall in love with the place or … someone.

The Blogging Bug

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Hello to all you bloggers out there.  Take a look at the size of the font for the Week 14 tag!  It’s bigger than any other tag which means we have had a record number of bloggers publishing for Week 14.  In fact, no less than 20 of you published your work to the world and you have all had comments.

Well done to all of you that didn’t quite have time to publish but we hope you come back next year.

Merry Christmas

Mrs Addleton