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the golden tiger

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It was a normal day , a Sunday , me and my friends were going to the zoo. When we were in the car driving down the hot , dusty road John spotted a dark , gloomy  figure  siting on the road. We pulled over were the man was sitting , when we opened the car door the dark man said come to my house , me and Finley haven’t hade visitors in years , please. so we walked up the road to the zoo the man showed us a crack in the wall he told us to go throw it. When we got out of the wall we were in a TIGER CAGE !!!!!!!!! The large , golden tiger walked round us until the tiger was blocking our escape and the chance of living!!!!!!!!!

Eleanor the girl and a adventure

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Long time ago in a  village far away lived a girl called Eleanor. She was a kind girl .She had  a best friend called Ella . They were both naughty . Their hair was blue and they always do gymnastics every day after school .They both lived in a cottage far from the town square. But, the bad thing was that they had a worst enemy  . charlotte the demon. She met them when they went to school. Then, they got  a tiger and called her Freya . The tiger was blocking our Escape in the town square and we had to find her.


Fubbo the Footballer

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This is the story about Fubbo the Footballer, a Goal – Scorer King! After the Match today, he scored 2 goals! As a reward, his family went to the zoo! Fubbo was not exited, much but if he could see the lizards, he will be SO happy! When Fubbo saw the tigers, he wasn’t happy at all because he saw a little hole but then… the tiger got out its cage and it was blocking their escape ” THE TIGER IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE!” Fubbo said, he jumped over the tiger… Sorry! blogs over better luck next time! Hope you like my blog!


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Today we went to the Zoo and it was fun, at first we started at the tigers and then we went to the elephants and there was a big hole in the middle of the cage and we were worried and did not know what to do so when we saw it my friend Charlie ran away so then I was right behind him but he is quite faster than me so  he ran to the fire exit and I asked why, there was a tiger running after him and it was faster than him THE TIGER WAS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE!!!!!!

Mya the tiger

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Once upon a time, in a place far, lived a girl.   Her name was Charlotte . She lived in a circus with her mum  and dad. She loved the circus so much that they got a tiger. They called her Mya. She was very friendly . But, a bit vicious .  She always hides behind one of the rides. Then one day, Mya got stuck . She was very angry. She is in a old fashioned lift . Then we fell down . There was an massive hole in the wall . But, the tiger was blocking our escape. They  were stuck . Then, they found way out . They found a escape .

New Prompt: Week 13 100 Word Challenge

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Calling all playtime & golden time bloggers, here is this weeks prompt:

This week, we return to a part of a sentence. Remember it has to be part of your story with no changes.The prompt is:

the tiger was blocking our escape

Things to consider:

Where are you?
Who are you with?
Why is there a tiger?
Why do you need to escape?

Come and find me if you don’t have a login to publish on the school blog.  I am in Gazelles or you can find me in the ICT suite at playtime’s except Tuesday.

Mrs Addleton