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i just went to the movie

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i went to the movie and then i went home. i saw my family i said ” why are you here?”. then my mum said ”turn on the TV.”. so i said ”OK”. i turned on the TV and then i saw my self on  TV. ”wow!”” how did i get on TV”. everyone didn’t know but i was lucky because…. I WON 100 MILLION POUNDS !! But then it said Lewis,Kade,Jenson and Archie where with Theo . And they were the first one to see the boss worm and they won. ”yes yes yes yes” I won I won i won”. WELL DONE” ”THANK YOU”

My childhood

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My childhood is fun and i apparently looked cuter.And funnily i agree,looking at all the pictures that my mum sister Kelsey and sister Amber took of me although my nanny finds them really funny whilst i sort of find them humiliating! My mum said that we seemed to be on the television that`s probably because i was so beautiful i never would of understood because i am Freya C and you should know me well!

Week 12 100wc Prompt

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We have a bit of an odd situation for the prompt this week. I’m sure it will get you delving into your imaginations! It is:

we seemed to be on the television