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NOOOOOOO!!! My Last Day :(

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BWOAH! No more fun for now. ITS SHURELY OVER!!! The fortnight DONT STOP ME NOW… DONT STOP ME NOW I HAD A GOOD TIME… BUT NOW ITS ALL OVER! Yep your time has stopped… my time has stopped. Its the worst hour ever! SHAME! TEARS! ITS (Again I’ve said it) ALL OVER!!!!!!! I wanna do more fun at America but anyway the USA was good and in 1.40 hours im back at the UK where its gonna pour down lots of rain… I think! NOW CUT!!!!! Take one PSS! LOOK AT THE BEACHES… BELOW! REALLY GOOD SMACK!!!  http://www.destination360.com/north-america/us/florida/images/s/venice-fl-beaches.jpg

Joe’s American Posts

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Hi Joe,

Hope this blog reaches you in America!  Sounds like you are having an truly amazing time.  Make sure you leave an actual blog / new post so that everyone gets to hear all about your American Adventure.

Can’t wait to hear all about it when we get back to school; bet your looking forward to that ….. not .

From Mrs Addleon

Amarica Just Behind The Corner!

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Disney… Orlando… Florida oh Hi I’m just saying how much places I’m going to at good Friday! I can’t believe it! Just around the bend… a few steps… then we’re here! BUT HOW CAN TIME PASS BY SUPER QUICK?!? I hear you ask. Well christmas to 30th of March is just a looooong time… NO IT ISN’T! Bye guys!!!! Oh and the hulk… is my favorite ride NO I’m not going to Canada. NO I’m not going to Brasil I’m going to Amarica No right or wrong answer BYE UK!!!! Hello America! 🙂

Note: this is just news ok guys? AND LIKE I SAID, TIME PASSES BY QUICKLY!!!